Part Number: PMST-BASU - Intrastat/HTS: 9024 9000

Detail :



Test equipment to determine the mass strength of pelleted carbon black as per ASTM D1937.

       The test method ASTM D1937 “… is designed to determine the force required to pack a cylindrical column with pelleted carbon black. The results of this test are believed to relate to the ability of the carbon black to flow in bulk handling systems.” … “Mass strength gives an indication of the flowability in bulk handling. It is affected by pellet properties such as hardness, size, shape, and especially fines content.”*

* Excerpts from chapter 1 resp. 4, of ASTM D1937-18


Key features

• State-of-the-art design
• Standalone device with programmable controller with 5.7” display, 640×480 px
• Software guided measurement sequence according to ASTM D1937
• Software guided load cell calibration
• 4 robust push buttons for “dirty” operations
• Stepper motor driven plunger with position feedback of sample height
• Force measurement by load cell
• Linear carriage with load cell, stepper motor driven with accurate load application up to 30 mm/s and with position reading
• Anodized aluminum frame and fully dust proof stainless steel electronic cabinet
• Compact table model – small footprint
• AC mains supply only (no compressed air) - wide range mains 90 to 240 VAC



• CE marking
• SGS-USTC certified


PMST options:

• 10 kg calibration masses with certificate for loadcell calibration

Dimension (L x W x H)    61 x 44 x 95 cm

Weight                          67 kg